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  • All Types Of Wedding Speeches.
  • Wedding Planning Secrets.  How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget. "You deserve a wedding that is special, meaningful and won't strangle you in debt. You should have fun preparing for the big day...Impossible? Not if you take a couple of minutes to read the incredible discovery made by this International Wedding Planner!"
  • Amazing Wedding Planning. If you haven't planned a wedding before, then you probably are don't know what to ask for, how to get good price, and how to avoid scams. Read this book before spending unnecessary money.
  • Create Your Own Wedding Flowers. Step-by-step Guide To Creating Fantastic Wedding Flowers
  • Worlds #1 Selling Wedding Master of Ceremonies Guide. The complete guide for anyone who has been asked to MC a wedding and needs to know exactly what to do to look good and sound great - now! Sample Templates to Welcome the Bridal Party, Introduce the Speeches, what to say at the Cutting of the Cake, Bridal Waltz, Throwing of the Bouquet, Catching of the Garter, Farewell Circle, and Guard of Honor.
  • Create A Theme Wedding As Unique As Your Love. Discover The Secrets Of Planning Your Theme Wedding The Right Way. This Book Is An Extensive Wedding Theme Book Containing Specific Details On How To Plan A Theme Wedding.  Wedding planner reveals 1,014 ways to plan an exquisite wedding on a tight budget while carefully avoiding the 7 most common wedding disasters. Excellent resource!
  • The Ultimate Wedding Vow Toolkit. All The Tools You Need To Write Vows That Are A Romantic Masterpiece. The secret strategy professional poets use to create wedding vows that are guaranteed to knock the socks off your spouse to be.
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