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It's Time To Plan The Party and Sh

Are Your Wedding Plans on Track?

A wedding is often a strange mix of happiness and distress. But proper planning can tilt the balance toward the positive.

Weddings don't just put themselves together.... Unfortunately, some brides and grooms think that because they have a few months left, they have plenty of time. But if you want a summer ceremony, you should have a pretty good idea of what's going on by late winter.

We've tracked down some of the best advice out there and offer the following checklist to make sure that your wedding planning is going well. These are all the things that you should have accomplished — or be well on the way to doing by the three-month mark before your wedding. Are you on pace? Or do you need to move faster?


  • Select your wedding date, based on when your facility is available, or by when you want a particular season. Remember that Fall is just as popular as Summer now, so plan in advance if you want to get the right place and the officiant you prefer. 
  • Announce the wedding, or send save the date announcement - choose your bridal party as some may need or want time to "adujst" their weight or hair.
  • Choose wedding rings.
  • Choose and book your officiant as far in advance as you can, such as Let's Get Married, and Confirm the ceremony’s content. You will want to meet with the officiant to make sure he or she knows what is important to you, and that the ceremony reflects you and your fiance's wishes. 
  • Secure all tuxedo rentals and obtain men’s measurements.
  • Choose bridal accessories. This is where something old, new, borrowed and blue comes in.
  • Determine the clothing of the mothers of the bride and groom.
  • Order invitations, announcements and thank-you notes. 
  • Be sure to order extras of everything in case of mistakes and for mementos.
  • Design maps that show the location of the ceremony, reception and hotels.
  • Meet with the musicians who will play the ceremony or reception.
  • Order the wedding cake (after tasting lots and lots of samples of course!).
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding party.
  • Complete the gift registry.
  • Determine the logistics of your ceremony. This includes reserving pews, arranging the processional and recessional order and arranging the receiving line. It also means figuring out the layout of the reception room, determining the gift and cake tables and identifying parking options.
  • Meet with the cater, florist and photographer.
  • Arrange wedding-attire fittings.
  • Plan bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner details with the wedding party, location, officiant and musicians.
  • Secure necessary rental items (like archway, fountain, chairs, florist vases, etc).
  • Secure unity candle, toasting glasses, guest book, ring pillow, flower girl basket and cake knife.
  • Send e-newsletter or update to the wedding party.
  • Buy honeymoon attire.
  • Confirm lodging for out-of-town attendants - book a block of rooms and make sure to ask the hotel for a hefty discount for your guests. After all, you are bringing in a bunch of business for them.
  • Hire videographer. 
  • Make or order wedding party gifts.

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  • Budgeting Tips for Brides and Grooms

  •  People often spend thousands of dollars on their weddings; with some thrifty planning, you can help prevent breaking the bank so that you have money left over for the future.

    First, estimate how many guests you want to invite. Write out a list and try to keep the number of guests even between the bride and groom. You may want to cut the list by eliminating business associates, escorts for unmarried guests and relatives who live far away.

  • Buy a wedding dress off the rack from a secondhand store or borrow one from a friend or relative. When shopping, take a frugal friend with you to help keep things in perspective. 

  • Make your honeymoon plans early to get discounted rates on airfare and accommodations. Forgo the limousine, have the ceremony flowers transferred to the reception, have a relative take photographs and videos, and serve a buffet-style dinner. Or consider skipping the big wedding altogether and getting a combined marriage/honeymoon package.

  • Discuss Money Carefully
    All too often individuals feel that money is a taboo subject. Money problems will not get resolved by avoiding discussion. Even when it is uncomfortable, discussion is needed to get financial problems resolved. Not talking about money issues does not make them disappear. 

  • Other roadblocks to healthy communication about finances are: having only one individual within the family who has complete financial control. Typically that was how money was handled in the past.
    Today, however, it is advisable to have all family members involved in the decision making process. Controlling family members by controlling the family purse is likely to break down relationships. Source: M.A.P. Road Blocks to Communication.
  • Don't Forget Key Details On Your Wedding Day

     It only takes a few hours to get married, but couples often spend more than a year planning the big day. With so many details to remember and events to coordinate, there are bound to be some details that slip through the cracks. Below are a few things to remember to help make your wedding run smoothly.
          1. First, to fully enjoy your wedding day you need lots of help. With all the people to greet, dances to dance and pictures to smile for, when will you have time to eat or drink? It's a good idea to task people with keeping you going. Someone could be in charge of making sure you get a plate from the buffet -- nothing can spoil a wedding day like an empty stomach. Someone else needs to be ready to fill your glass (and not just with champagne). With all the excitement, you may find yourself dehydrated. A friend with a cup of water can save the day.
          2. Second, with all of the checks to write for a wedding, don't forget the ones due on the big day. No couple wants to be writing a check in their wedding gown and tuxedo. Have any checks written ahead of time and left with a trustworthy friend. This keeps the band from pestering you as you escape to the honeymoon suite.
          3. Pack ahead of time and pack light. The purpose of a honeymoon is to relax. Pack a few days ahead and you'll have time to remember all the small details: your passports, plane tickets and that new lingerie you just got at your shower.
    1. Your wedding photographs are treasures to last a lifetime, but be careful of the never-ending photo shoot. Beforehand, give your photographer a list of shots you want. Review it later to remove any shots you don't need. A few extra pictures can mean precious time away from friends and family at the reception.

    Simple Tips for Organizing a Wedding

    While planning a wedding is a fun and beautiful experience, it can also be stressful. That's why 3M, the maker of organization tools like Post-it(r) Notes and Flags, developed these tips to help brides- and grooms
  • Make a list of everything that needs to get done , from choosing the reception hall to picking out the favors. Then, divide and conquer by assigning "leadership responsibility" to everything on the list according to each of your interests.
  • Start Early Although the big day may be a year or two away, the days will fly by faster than you can imagine. Start researching the big-ticket items, like the band and photographer, early. The more work you do up front, the smoother the planning will go -- and the less stressed you'll both feel as the date draws near.
  • Do Your Homework Flip through bridal magazines before heading out to find your perfect dress or meeting with any vendors. Bring the magazines with you when you visit the bridal store or florist, for example, to give them a better idea of what you're looking for. And here's a simple tip: instead of "dog-earing" the pages, use Post-it(r) Flags to mark the dresses, hairstyles or flowers that you like. They're easier to find than folded-over pages and come in a variety of colors so you can use a pink flag to mark dresses, a blue flag to mark flowers, etc.
  • Keep It All Together Keep all of your wedding-related information in one convenient place for easy reference. There are numerous planning books available to help you keep track of everything, or simply use file folders. Use separate folders for the photographer, the band, the church, etc. Use Post-it(r) Flags to highlight any important information and jot the action date on the flag so you won't miss important deadlines.
  • Wedding Requirements - Where It Costs Most

    Everybody goes through once in their lifetime experiencing a nuptial form of a wedding, or in some other's case more than once wedding nuptials is encountered. Given that most people will experience their first wedding will want the best as possible, especially for a significant day of one's life by expressing eternal love to one another in the exchange of wedding vows and wedding bands. When it comes to planning a wedding of a lifetime, most people would get so emotionally caught up with the moment and do get out of hand, which this is where the costs and expenses get blown out of proportion and highly so does the initial budget. The costly part of the wedding and requirements to set up and plan needs to be identified as in order to underline where most likely the budget could be out stretched. These unnecessary and very costly wedding requirements are found in planning: the reception is particularly the most expensive part of the wedding; flower ornaments and arrangements; professional photography and video recording; live entertainment of a band or DJ; food catering; wedding guest invitations; wedding favours; wedding rings and wedding gowns. 

  • Useful Tips & Suggestions

    - Reception.
    When you want to invite the whole family member and friends, even though you have not met or really know them. Keep necessary number of head counts that is important to you to be invited to the wedding.

  •  - Flowers.
    Choosing styles and types of flower arrangements and quantity of how much flowers you want to decorate at the wedding is enough to put your budget out of line. Purchasing from wholesalers and get the flowers professionally arranged will set you back on your savings. 

  • - Photography.
    Capturing the best and memorable moments of the wedding on pictures and on video recording is a very costly one, when it is done beautifully and professionally. Shop around for the best price and go for special packages that includes photography and video recording services. Separate services will be exceptionally expensive. 

  • - Band or DJ.
    A band which consists of few members requires more to pay to perform, where on the other hand a DJ requires only one person to play the music. It's obvious that a DJ would save you costs for musical entertainment. 

  • - Food Catering.
    Sit down dinners with banquet or al 'acarte menus can immensely put your budget out of line, especially when they are catered for your tastes in the choices of dishes. Buffets and low cost banquets would be alternatives on saving costs.

  • - Invitations.
    Professional invitations can add up consumedly alot of money, especially when you have a certain generous number of people to invite. Do it yourself or DIY your own invitations to give that personal flare of creation. 

  • - Wedding Favours.
    Buying pre-made wedding favours or packages is quite expensive when it is already designed or themed to. Personalized favours is no doubt less expensive and you can add to your own personal touch and style. Buying by the bulk from wholesalers or distributors will save you heaps. 

  • - Wedding Rings.
    Custom and design made wedding rings will certainly set your budget to rise. Purchasing a desired pre-set wedding rings with a light personalized touch to it can achieve the same monumental and sentimental meaning.

  •  - Wedding Gowns.
    A one off outfit that is worn for only one big day and is unnecessarily expensive. Rental wedding gowns or evening wear is worthwhile enough to be memorable. Or even then a second hand wedding gown is a saving. 

  • Final Good Hints To Budget That Wedding
    When sending out wedding guest invitations, do not hesitate by noting upfront what types of wedding gifts is gratefully requested with options of various gift categories. (Note: make sure gifts are sensibly affordable and not ridiculous to guests). In this way you do not double up with the wedding gifts received and is more of a preference to what you want - who would want to receive two coffee makers or two dinner sets? Of course with more expensive and larger gifts, a group of friends or family can opt to pay together for that one gift. For this to work, one of the groom's or bride's helper (bridesmaid or groomsman) needs to check-off who is going to get what gift in that way another guest going for the same gift knows its taken. Another alternative is to basically note on the wedding guest invitations with the option of receiving money instead of the gifts, that is if the guests chooses not to provide one of the gift preferences. Anyone would know that money would come really in handy at the time of a wedding, especially when its a budget one!

  • Looking for ideas for wedding music?  Here are some great ideas!

    Here comes the bride
    06CanonD.wma (very nice string version)

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